Reflections “One World School House

When in History class in 11th grade we were covering the political system of the 3rd French Republic. I was spaced, uninterested, started flipping the pages of my textbook and stumbled on a page covering the cold war.

It was my first time seeing propaganda posters and seeing a war waged without direct violence. I was fascinated. I kept flipping even more pages but my curiosity was interrupted by my History teacher — yelling at the top of her lungs that I was being “incentive”, “slacking off” and that I wouldn’t amount to anything.

I think it was at this moment that I understood that school wasn’t really about learning.

Issues with Lectures

Issues with Teachers

Issues with School

Issues with Society

It is not the state’s responsibility to educate you, it is your responsibility to educate yourself.

Personal Responsibility

The way we make education more accessible is to have less of it. Admittedly this is counter-intuitive and I don’t expect policy makers to reach this consensus.

Just remember it’s never been easier to learn anything and the best way to learn something is to take personal responsibility for it.



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