Reflections “One World School House

Issues with Lectures

Customs are useful in setting a direction that has generally worked out well in the past since they synthesize the learning of our predecessors. The current schooling system draws heavily from the Prussian Education system which has remained relatively unchanged since the 1,700s. Customs need to be challenged for any society to evolve.

Issues with Teachers

Star students should become teachers assistant quickly as they can better relate to their colleagues. Students should strive to teach other and create a sense of community and collaboration instead of an artificial competition for good boi points.

Issues with School

The schooling system in general doesn’t acknowledge the role of failure in learning. I’ve been yelled at for saying I don’t know during a pop quiz in school but have been lauded by my peers in industry for being so honest. Failing a class in school is humiliating, failing an entire year is enough to get you ostracized.

Issues with Society

Personal Responsibility

Entrepreneurship is a part of the american DNA, this is why opening up a Lemonade stand is a right of passage for many American kids. It almost seems tautological but the more practice you get at starting a business, the more likely you are to start a successful business. Scaling a Lemonade stand is a lot more useful than getting an MBA.



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