How to build robots at home



Your roommate and significant other would love to be gifted a Table Saw


Granted by Mtownzach

3D printing

Monoprice Mini
A foot and a hole
Printing Saitama
Voronoi Skull


Getting ready

  • Water damage -> scrape off the rust and pray
  • Dead component -> compare voltage you’re getting vs what the hardware sheet says you should be getting. Chips have a nametag which makes googling their sheets and learning how they work really easy

Electronic brains

Arduino Uno sheet
Arduino DC motor shield
Granted by WirePath and Evan Amos from

Going pro with Electronics

  • ElectroBOOM is hilarious masochist who will teach you low level circuit design and physics
  • BenEater will give you a good understanding on how to design logical circuits, so think building a CPU or GPU using circuit components and Arduinos
  • TronixFix repairs various kinds of electronics equipment. I especially enjoyed his tear-downs of video game consoles
  • A fume hood so you don’t get lung cancer
  • A microscope so you can reverse engineer ICs (this is pro level tho)
  • An oscilloscope, power supply and a digital logic analyzer like Salae, you CAN build cheap substitutes using an Arduino and a breadboard but it’s extremely unlikely you’ll build something better on your first try

Software + Math

Build your simulation and training Desktop PC

Build a simulation
Human Skeleton in Unity

Learn how to build simulations from the best

  • watching programming sessions like Mix and Jam.
  • Another option is to disassemble some complete games you own via which works reliably for most games made in Unity. (Please don’t tell anyone I told you this and for the love of gaming don’t put the disassembled code online)
  • archeology — Google <fav_game_genre> <fav_language> to get an idea of how to build any game

Learn how simulators work

Reinforcement Learning for training

Generalize from simulation to the real world

Granted by Arturo Urquizo —

What’s next?

Illustrated by Sarah Saroufim
  • Applied Algebraic Topology to solve 3-d robotic movement
  • Framing supervised learning in the language of Category Theory
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Distributed Decision Making w/ Dynamical Systems, Game Theory and Gambling Theory




Robots will save us

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Mark Saroufim

Mark Saroufim

Robots will save us

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